“With roots nowhere, I have everywhere to go.” – Elif Safak

SuhasHaving lived in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and India, I am a long-term expatriate (n. a person who lives outside their native country) who is seeking a career in media and communications focusing on topics related to social justice, race, discrimination, international news, technology and other relevant issues. Although primarily an editor, I can report from the ground using both video and text.

I am a fluent speaker in five languages and I am looking to learn Mandarin and Cantonese. My family is currently based in Indonesia while my alma mater is the National University of Singapore so I have strong ties to both Southeast Asian countries.

Previously an assistant editor at FOX Sports Asia, a sub-editor at MediaCorp’s TODAY newspaper and an intern at the Jakarta Post, I am now based in Hong Kong. I have also worked at a nonprofit in India carrying out marketing and related duties and worked as an independent film producer in Singapore.

Please see these summaries detailing my reporting and editing, video production and marketing and leadership experience to get a better understanding of my career. You can find my CV here.